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  • Remy

    Rat Terrier / Jack Russell Terrier Mix
    Age: 1-1/2 years old

Green Pet Rescue
Furtastik Doggie Daycare

Home Away From Home!  Furtastik is a wonderful doggie daycare that provides a fun, friendly, upbeat, and loving environment for your furry family member!  They offer daycare, boarding, grooming, dog walks, and have a nice selection of pet products for your convenience.  We love them and know YOU will, too!  P.S.  Check out their other location called Fuzzy Dog!   

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We are grateful to everyone who supports us!  All of our sweeties come from Death Row.  Your support enables us to rescue them.  Your support enables us to provide medical care and behavioral assistance.  Your support enables us to be the part of their journey that gets them ready for their Forever Family. 

All of our sweeties are Lovin' Life in their Happy Foster & Forever Homes...  because of YOU!!

Thank you for SAVING LIVES with Lovin' Life Rescue!!

P.S.  This is Remy...  His Holiday Wish is a Forever Family SOON....!

The Pit Stop


Legislation Update

HB 5772 - Has passed both Chambers.  Requires that information about an animal's history be disclosed to consumers for any dog or cat available for sale at a pet store.

HB 4801 - Has passed both Chambers.  Prohibits the private possession of primates as pets.  21 states have already banned the possession of primates as pets because of the risk of attacks on humans, the possible spread of disease, and the inability to properly care for the needs of a primate in a home.   

HB 4722 - Has passed both Chambers.  Requires the addition of a bittering agent to anti-freeze so as to render it unpalatable.  Every year thousands of children and animals are poisoned after ingesting anti-freeze.  Its ingredients smell and taste sweet, which makes the deadly substance attractive to animals and children.

Guaranteed to Make You Smile

Kids for Pits - Proud bully breed owners share extremely adorable photos of their dogs and children sharing special moments. You'll find pages and pages of happy little faces and their loyal canine companions.

$5,000 Reward for Tips on Dog Fighting

The Chicago Police Department and The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) are partners in an animal fighting reward program which offers up to $5,000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of any person involved in illegal dog fighting.

If you have information about illegal animal fighting, contact the Chicago Police Department at:

 1-800-535-STOP (7867).